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TITLE: Love You To Death
ARTIST: Taeyang

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May 18, 2006* - July 6, 2009

[*may 18, 2006 is when jon joined the band]


Vampire Smile

a mix for a vampire and their mortal lover.

Baby you need to leave, cause I’m getting drunk on your noble deeds. It doesn’t matter that they don’t get done, when I feel this cold they’re like the fucking sun.

{L I S T E N!}

001. BREATHING UNDERWATER metric / 002. ME AND THE DEVIL soap & skin / 003. BONES msmr / 004. SALTWATER QUEEN the battle of land and sea / 005. I’M ON FIRE chromatics / 006. VAMPIRE SMILE kyla la grange / 007. HURRICANE msmr / 008. KILL FOR LOVE chromatics / 009. A HANDSOME STRANGER CALLED DEATH foe / 010. KEEP THE STREETS EMPTY FOR ME fever rey / 011. RUNNING UP THAT HILL placebo / 012. WE SINK chvrches

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